Saturday, June 18, 2011

And... We're Off!!!

Mom and I are on the way to California to pack up the house. I am so thankful Robert is off to move all of the heavy stuff... and for him being able to drive back with us... and for hauling the trailer! :)

Mom and I will keep the IPhones going on the drive back. No telling what we will find! I am determined to beat Angry Birds Rio Edition. I bought the $.99 cent one because I beat both of the free ones. It is a love/hate relationship with that game. Oh, and I LOVE Words With Friends!! If you play, look me up... my name is lenorariedel (Original, huh?)

So we will be back around Wednesday evening, hopefully!! See y'all then!

Oh, and prayers for my sisters as they try to keep up with my wild kids! ;)


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