Monday, June 13, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday!

We had a pretty low-key weekend. Friday night I went to dinner and a movie with one of my best friends, Becca. We saw Bridesmaids and it was hilarious!! We also had some Cherry Berry! It was delish!

{Bec and her fro-yo!}

Saturday, we went to my niece's dance recital. She did so good! I had the opportunity to wrestle two kids on the front row for 2 hours-- lucky me! We only managed to spill one Sonic drink and a bottle of water. ;)

Sunday, I took the boys to church. We went last week and I left Brycen with the big kids group. He did ok there, but I knew he would have to go to the nursery at some point. Well yesterday I dropped him off and he knew exactly what was going on. He latched onto me so tight and just started crying. I hate leaving him. I dread when I put him in daycare. Needless to say, during prayer at the beginning I heard the shrieking of my baby boy crying. :( I went back there and stayed with him the rest of the time. Don't know what we will do next time. I am not used to this, so it is all new to me.

Today, I have Jude plus my two boys. SOMEHOW I got them all to take a nap. Maybe a little bribery of a baseball game tonight had something to do with it... But I am enjoying the time! Then we are headed to eat at Marketplace Grill and watch the Naturals. Maybe even stop for some shaved ice afterwards! :)

I am getting SUPER EXCITED about my upcoming trip to CA this weekend!!! I can't wait to see Robert. I am wishing we had time to spend a few days together there just doing whatever, but we are on a strict schedule. We have 2 days to pack up the house and get on the road. Ugh. Makes me tired just thinking about it! But Robert will have about a week here in AR to visit and spend time with the boys. Can't wait!

Oh and I got these beautiful flowers for our anniversary from my sweet, sweet husband.


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  1. I can't beleive you are moving! Ive started to "plan" my trip out for Ryan's homecoming and kept thinking of who I needed to visit but you wont be there now. :( Kylie still talks about Thompson all the time!