Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am a new owner of an IPhone. I have never had one, but so far I love it! It's actually pretty user friendly.

One of the main reason I wanted it was to be a cool kid like everyone else for the apps!

So far, the main ones I use are: Weight Watchers, Pandora (LOVE!!!), Words with Friends, Bank of America, and Map Quest.

So for all of you IPhone owners, what are some of your favorite apps???

I was reading Karen's blog this morning and she was telling about a Sherwin Williams app where you can take a picture of something and it will match the colors in the pictures to paint chips they have. That is just too cool!!

I have downloaded Instagram (April, I know you love this one!!) but really haven't used it too much... I need to work on that.

Oh, and my mother also got a new IPhone! For those who don't know her, this was probably the biggest decision of her life. She is a flip-phone fanatic, so this was big. We sat down last night and we played with them for about 2 hours. But she is so school-girl-giddy over it! Too funny!! :)


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  1. Exciting! Instagram is defiantly in the process of being neat/and interesting. I like that it changes the pics to uber cool looking pics!
    Other photo apps--- camera+ excellent for editing pics you've snapped on your iPhone or any of them you've imported to your phone orrr any you've taken and stored on your camera roll etc.
    Web albums- for Picasa and blogger
    Snapfish app!
    Netflix (you can watch instantly on your phone if you are a Netflix member)
    Smart chef substitutions is neat and helpful!
    Evernote to store word/excel documents and open but not edit on your phone
    If you're going to WW and not doing WW online there's lose it! That's cheap/free no monthly subscription. Cts calories, exercise, water etc