Friday, June 24, 2011

We're Home!

Thank goodness!!

We had a trip, to say the least! We got to California Saturday afternoon. I was so relieved to see Robert! I have missed him so much. The next two years are going to suck. I hate that we aren't going to be there with him, but we have to keep our eyes on the prize.

We picked up our U-haul on Sunday and started packing. Let me tell you... we have a lot of crap. Not stuff. Crap. I cursed myself the whole time on why I am such a hoarder. I heard my mom say at least 100 times... "Just think, when you got married all you had was your car and a blow-up mattress." True story. We have definitely made up for all that we lacked in the beginning. ;)

After our neighbors came to make sure we weren't getting divorced (not kidding), we finally realized that one trailer was not going to be enough. Ugh. So Monday, we called U-haul to try and see if I could get a hitch put on my Murano. So we drove all the way down to Oceanside, picked up the hitch, drove back to San Clemente only for them to tell me that the electrical kit was a special order item. Great. They said they could have it in the next day. Since we needed to leave the next day, that was not possible. So after some figuring out, I decided to trade my car with my brother-in-law, so I could use his truck. He is going to bring my car to AR in a few weeks, so it all worked out. We finally got our trailer at 3 pm after going to Wal-Mart to get a part that U-haul didn't have. (Not very happy with U-haul, by the way). We packed until 10:00 that night then decided we better go get something for dinner and finish the cleaning the next morning. So Mom and I were at In-n-Out at 10:30 eating a burger and fries. I even had a coke... I definitely deserved it after my long day.

We got everything cleaned and we were out of the house the next morning by 10:30 and on the road by 11:30. Our first stop was at 5 Guys Burgers. Oh.My.Word. This was the BEST burger I have ever had in my life. Seriously. We then got going and Robert ended up having a blowout on his trailer in Flagstaff, AZ. Lovely. So we called U-haul and they had someone there within an hour or so. Not too bad. But the whole ordeal set us back 2 hours. It was already 9:00pm so we just got a room for the night. We got up early and ended up driving all the way to Oklahoma City. We got there at about 12:30am. I was exhausted. We needed to just rest for a few hours, so we pulled over at a Supercenter. I probably wouldn't have cared if we were in the middle of the ghetto, I rolled down the window and layed my pillow and my head out the door. Best sleep! My mom on the other hand, thought she needed to stand on "fire watch" and watch anything and everything that came by. Obviously, I couldn't have cared less if someone wanted to rob me. I was sleeping. :)

We finally made it home yesterday at 10:30am. So good to see the boys! They ran to Robert and I, which was the best. They were so happy to see him. We went and unloaded our stuff today and turned in the trailers. We are planning for a busy week. I want to make each day special for all of us. Robert went fishing this evening. Tomorrow, we are going to take the boys to watch Cars 2. I am excited for that!

This move was so hard. I think I cried the whole way home. It's not that I want to leave Robert in California by himself. We just feel it is necessary for us now. We are not getting divorced, we love each other more than anything. We just want to provide a future for our boys. I wouldn't feel comfortable coming back when he gets out hoping to find a job. Robert would be going to school and I don't want to take away that opportunity from him. I don't want him to feel there is no other option besides getting out and finding a random job that he didn't care about just to be able to support us. (Of course he would do that if we needed to.) But our hopes is for me to find a job and get settled, the boys in school, and us a house. I have decided to get my Non-Traditional Teacher Licensure. With that, I need to take 2 classes this fall, my Praxis 1 & 2, and then I would be able to find a teaching position next August. I am so excited! Of course, that takes time and I am glad I am getting started now.

Oh, and did you know that in CA if your child turns 5 before December, you have to send your child to kindergarten. I have always personally felt that kids need to be 5 before they go to school, especially boys who I think need that extra time for maturity. Thompson would still be 4 if we did that. So I am glad he is going to be going Arkansas schools.

Sorry this post went really long. I am glad to be home. I am glad to have my husband with me for a few days.

Life is good! :)

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