Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Week...

This week... I will make a conscientious effort to be 100% on counting my points, as I have failed miserably this past week.

This week... I will try not to nitpick my husband for every cent that he spends. I am terrible about this and probably should be harder on myself.

This week... I will have more patience with my children. I know that Brycen has serious separation anxiety and I need to have a little more understanding. It's hard on him, it's hard on me. :(

This week... I will think of the most AMAZING anniversary gift for my husband. Because he deserves it more than anything. I love him more than anything and am so blessed to have such a hardworking, loving husband.

This week... I will try not to stress about the future. Everything will work out the way it was planned. :)

I don't want this list to only be for "this week". Most of them are hard and it will definitely take time. I am just a small-goals-kinda-gal!  

Hope you have a great week!!


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