Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Football!

Well it is halftime of the Arkansas/Florida game and the Hogs are up 10-3. We will have to see how it turns out. I know that my husband is enjoying every minute of it, Thompson too! When we went to put him to bed he grabbed his blanky and waved and said "Bye, bye ball". So cute! I even made a huge pot of taco soup-- I will put the recipe on my other blog! It was soooo good!

Yesterday, all day, I was not feeling too hot. After a few "sick spells" I decided to head up to l&d knowing that I needed something to make me stop getting sick. After being hooked up to the monitors and them trying to see if I could keep down some ice chips and water, all I wanted was to get my meds and go home. The dr (whom I really like) was on call and she prescribed me some phenergan, tylenol, and sudafed. I was ready to go downstairs and pick them up from the pharmacy until I really got sick. Ugh. So after an IV with 2 bags of fluid and zofran, I started to feel much better. 4 hours later, we were home. Christina is my lifesaver and watched Thompson while were there. He apparently found her stash of Halloween candy because when he came home he was wanting "Candy! Candy!" It was cute! Thanks again Mrs. Christina! We love you!

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