Thursday, October 22, 2009

Same old, same old

This week has been pretty low key. Actually, like the past month has been pretty low key. Which I really don't mind at all. Brycen seems to be doing great and Thompson never seizes to amaze me. He is into telling me how everything is "funny". That's funny, mom... funny! It is really cute.

We all watched Transformers 2 tonight. It was a good movie. Tomorrow, I think we are heading back down to Oceanside. We have some shopping to do and the kids are going to do some Halloween things together. Should be lots of fun! And, you know, I get to eat at my favorite Mexican place on the way home :)

Robert is getting do his swearing in thing on Tuesday. And he REFUSES to let me come and take pictures. Makes me sad. This is a huge thing and he will not even acknowledge it. Ugh. Men! Oh well. And then... we can just wait for that big ol' re-enlistment check to hit! Yeah, right... still makes me sick. Oh well.

Sorry to waste your time with this post... just thought I would write a little bit before I head to bed.

Oh, and I actually bought something for the baby! Diapers! Ha! I commented to Robert how we really haven't had to buy anything for Brycen. But then he reminded me that it would all be made up for in about 18 years when we are having to pay for college, vehicle, insurance, etc.


  1. Adam wouldn't let me take pictures either!! We just did his about a month ago. He said it wasn't necessary to come, but I didn't listen. :)

    Marine Corpsmen have never had a bonus, isn't that crazy?? I know a lot of people were hurting when they cut/lowered them for the Marines, so I'm sorry if you guys lost yours :(

    Hope the pregnancy is going well!!! Almost there!