Monday, October 26, 2009

Another great weekend! Lots of pictures!!

We had yet another wonderful weekend! We headed to Oceanside and let me tell you... I am ready to just be down there for good! It is such a nice, short getaway. On Saturday we went to a little fall carnival. It was fun! Thompson rode his first pony and did awesome. We had sno cones, ice cream, and bounced in the bouncy house-- I think he enjoyed himself. Here are some pics...

I also uploaded some pictures from our trip back to Arkansas. One day before we left, we went and visited Jilian at school. We got to eat lunch with her and Thompson got to experience his first recess. I think he truly believed he was as big as the other kids. It was so cute to watch!

Thought I would show Robert's fish he caught. I think he caught this on Beaver lake. It was a pretty fish. Ha! He was so proud!

And here is my spider cake I made the other day! It was soooo good! I am going to try and make another version of a spider cake out of a cheesecake for this weekend! We will see how that turns out.

And here was bright eyed boy this morning. He had to get up early to head out with momma to the dr's appt. Everything is going well (knock on wood!) and we are starting our 2-week appts. Tomorrow we will be 33 weeks! CRAZY!!! Because of my troubles I have had in, she stressed how important it is that I get enough rest, put my feet up, try not to lift Thompson, etc. I almost laughed. Tell that to my internal alarm clock that woke me up at about 4:30 this morning and would not let me go back to sleep. Top that with horrendous back pain and a 2 year old that wants his momma. These last few weeks will definitely be interesting. BUT... I will have to say that I think I have found two great doctors in the practice who I pray will be on call when I deliver! They definitely have the bedside manner that I have been looking for. :)

And this is of my goofy kid. He has began his fascination with picking his nose. It's gross, but as Thompson says "It's funny!"


  1. i'm impressed with your cake

  2. Thompson is growing up so fast... Lenora, he looks just like you picking your nose...just joking ;)