Friday, October 2, 2009

I can feel it in the air...

The holidays are right around the corner. And my favorite three are coming up next! Last year, we dressed Thompson up as a lion for his Halloween costume. He was ADORABLE!

This year, Robert's mom got him an Arkansas Razorback football set (jersey, shoulder pads, pants, and shoes) so I think we are going to be a football player. I know Robert will be proud :)

My birthday falls 2 days before Halloween. While growing up, I had many birthday parties centered around Halloween. My alltime favorite was my "Spider cake" when I was about 5. It looked a little like this. This year, I am thinking about making one for my birthday as well as Halloween. Cute huh?

Then... after all of the Halloween festivities, we get Thanksgiving! Whoo Hoo! Sadly, I look forward to Thanksgiving and dream about all of the YUMMY food I will intake on that day. My family has always been the ones to have a big spread of food choices, and I always make it a personal goal to have some of the staples prepared, even if it is just Robert and I!

And of course, Hobby Lobby always gets me in the mood for decorating. I am *hopefully* going today and getting a few things to decorate the house in. I love when people decorate their front porches, it always puts a big ol' grin on my face.

I love Christmas, I love Christmas! I love all of the movies on tv, the hot apple cider, the Christmas lights, and of course the family gatherings with tons of food! Can't beat it. I have this one certain memory of when I was younger. My mom would always decorate our stairs with this garland that had bells-- it would play "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". I remember sitting in the living room hearing the bells play, sipping my cider, and looking around at all of her Dicken's Village that were lit up. I hope to never lose that memory.

A tradition I am so proud to start with my 2 boys are their stockings! I found the cutest stockings on Pottery Barn Kids, and ordered them last night.

Thompson got the Snowman, with his name embroidered on it

Brycen got the reindeer with his name on it

Are they not adorable?? I am kind of a picky person, and I have searched and searched for the perfect stockings. Alas, I found them!

Another thing I am so excited about this year... my very first Christmas tree! You are probably thinking what?! You have never had a Christmas tree?? Of course I had one every year growing up. But never one of my own. I actually bought a beautiful white tree at Target in 2006 and it has yet to be out of the box! This year, since we will be home, we are putting one up. I have tons and tons of ornaments that have never been opened and I am so excited to get to put them on the tree. With a white tree, you can do a ton of different themes each year. This year, I am doing one with bright colored ornaments (turquoise, green, pink, purple). I think it will be so cute! Next year, I might do silver and red... got a little bit of time to think on that one. ;)

Isn't the chandelier a cute idea as a topper?? Maybe a little too over the top, but who cares!

And yesterday, I got another great steal from PBK! I got this table for 30% off! The kids will need a play room table and this will be perfect! I am going to order the navy blue chairs later on, maybe when they are on sale.

Anyways, that is what I am looking forward to now that it is officially October! Today, Thompson and I are going to eat lunch with my niece (a big 2nd grader!) at her school! It is Nacho Day and I am pumped! That was my all-time favorite lunch when I was a student.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. We will be busy packing and what not. Fun, huh? We are leaving on Monday, so I know we will be extremely busy for the next 3 days...

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  1. I love the holidays!
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