Tuesday, October 13, 2009

31 Weeks!!

This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy.

We have less than 9 weeks left before baby Brycen arrives! I get more and more excited everyday. It is such a breath of fresh air knowing that if he does decide to come early, I am pretty sure that I am prepared and ready. Bringing all of the baby gear from Arkansas also helped calm my nerves. Which leads me to another point.

I am a stresser. I know this. I prefer to be called a neurotic planner, but all-in-all, I plan and I stress. We are currently living on base in a 2 bedroom house. The size for us now is fine. Of course I wish we had more space, but I have dealt. WELL... after my brain has finally realized that the EARLIEST we will be able to move is April, I have started to stress even more. I do not know how we can fit another little person into this house. Of course I know that Brycen is a baby, but it is not his size that stresses me... it is all of the gear that we will have to find a place for that does. When you have a swing, pack-n-play, bouncer, rocker & ottoman, play mats, boppys, etc. taking over your already stuffed full living room, I just can't forsee a happy ending. And I know that people make do all the time with the space they have, and I would if we had to. But, I know we don't have to. So... today I am going to go talk to the housing office about seeing if they will find us a bigger house to hopefully move into before he comes. PRAY THIS HAPPENS! I seriously had nightmares about it last night where they offered me a house on "Arkansas Street" and I just knew it had to be a sign. ha! Of course, I had to beg the girls (in my dream) to back date my application so that I was #1 on the list. Doesn't sound like me at all, huh? :) Anyways, hopefully it will all work out. That seems to be my moto for the past few months. And don't worry, I am not physically stressing myself out... it is more of an annoying-to-my-husband stressing. The only kind, right? :)

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