Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh oh here she comes...Watch out boy she'll chew you up!

Ok, I don't know who watched the Lifetime's mini series "Maneater", but I did!!! I loved it. Dummy me didn't realize it was a 2-part series and didn't record part 2. So, tonight... I am going to watch it all again -- including the ending that I missed! YAY! So check your local listings (ha!) and watch it!
Thompson and I went on a nice walk today before it got 100 degrees. I think it was about 85ish at 10 this morning! Still nice though. I know he misses going outside. But I honestly cannot take the heat. And he definitely doesn't need that or a sunburn. We need to go back to the pool. Maybe Robert will feel up to it one day this week. He is taking a few days off next week...well starting Friday at 1201. His dad is coming in to visit next Tuesday. Still don't know what we will do then... Any ideas? Maybe a trip to the beach? Hmmm... don't really know.
Tomorrow is my dr's appt. Still a little nervous, but I am going to hold off on that till I have something to worry about. I forgot to don't laugh at me... I took this little test. First off, let me explain. :) I have been reading on the internet about this test called Intellegender. It claims to be able to tell you the sex of your baby as early as 10 weeks pregnant. It says it has a 85% success rate, so I thought why not?! Guess what it said.... BOY! What?! No, I am just kidding... it did say boy though. A boy would be nice. Thompson would have a little brother and that would be great. And let me tell you Thompson didn't even get to wear half of the clothes he had, so to see them actually being used would be nice. But I am still holding out for my little girl. So if the test was wrong, I would not be upset! :) My friend Becca took this test a few weeks before she found out what she was having. Hers said boy also. Well low and behold Miss Jade Allison Emitt will be arriving this fall.
Anyways, I know it is all fun and games. I am not going out and buying all blue! Don't worry! I will check in tomorrow after my dr's appt.
Til then-

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  1. I promise, I was convinced when I went in for our ultrasound that the lady was going to tell me that it was a boy! 100% positive a boy, well there was totally nothing there! LOL! But I'm sure you can tell I'm already used to the idea of the pink and headbands! Which, I have to e-mail you the new pictures of her outfits! LOL! I'm getting way too carried away! Love you and miss you!