Sunday, June 28, 2009

Migraines, Migraines go away!

Since Friday morning I have been fighting the worst migraine possible. It started out as one of those dull, annoying headaches, and I would normally pop a Tylenol and say "So long!", but with the pregnancy, I am always cautious of anything I take. I finally broke down after 24 hours of dealing with the migraine and nauseousness. Of course, it didn't do hardly anything. Finally, last night I headed to Subway to get Thompson and I some dinner and I grabbed a coke. It really helped for about 2 hours. By the time I was getting ready for bed, it was back in full force. But, AT LAST! This morning I woke up feeling so much better! Thank goodness. So enough of my complaining! :)

Thompson is taking a nap and Robert is home. All is well! Robert does have to go to work in an hour tho. Oh well. Hopefully for not too long. Tonight, I am going to venture and make something new. I love trying new foods-- especially comfort foods. Shepherd's Pie. YUM! I see it made on the food network and have always wanted to try it. Hello?! Meat, veggies, and mashed potatoes all in one...definitely heavenly. I will post pictures as I go if I remember since I have my camera back. I am following Emeril's recipe, so I hope he doesn't let me down.

Tomorrow is hopefull the BIG ultrasound. Well, I am just hoping they can tell me the gender. I really, honestly, truly do not care whether it is a boy or girl. I am just a very, very impatient person and well I want to know! Ha!

Anyways, I am thinking I am going to wait until I get to Arkansas to hopefully announce the exciting news. But, I doubt I can wait! :)

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