Monday, June 1, 2009

More of a vent-type post

I know that I should not be petty. But tomorrow is a really big, important day. It will be our first official doctor's appt and we get an u/s to see the baby. I have been so excited for this day since I found out I was pregnant. Robert too. When I scheduled this appt. Robert took the appt sheet to work and put it on the bulletin board. His work is great about letting him have off when needed. So that is not the problem. But today he comes home for lunch and says "You're going to be mad at me..." I nervously said "What did you do?" Hey, its the first thing that comes to my mind-- he is a boy! :) Well he then explained to me that he has to go to Pendleton (2 hours away) and participate in a change over ceremony for SgtMajor Carter... tomorrow! He is supposed to be the one that takes the sword and gives it to someone or something. I really don't know. Apparently this is a big deal and a huge honor, but come on?! This was OUR day! And now they are taking it from us. I don't think it would have bothered me so much, but Robert missed out on EVERY doctors appt with Thompson. I know I am just acting selfish, but whatever. I think I have a small right to feel this way. I just want him to feel more involved in this pregnancy than what he was cheated out of with Thompson. Oh well... it is just one appt. But trust me... if something happens on the next appt.-- this pregnant woman will be raising some hell! :) Venting session over!

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  1. DO NOT BLAME YOU 1 BIT! I'd be pissed!