Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi, My name is Lenora...and I am a slacker! :)

Yes, sorry for the lack of posts. It feels like I am missing my motivation gene or something. Since my last post, Robert's dad was in for a visit. While he was here, we went to Oceanside a for a few days! I love getting away, but I love my home even more! There was one good plus to the trip tho...

Rosa's Tortilla Factory a.k.a. Mexican Food Heaven is one of my absolute favorite places in the entire world! My wonderful friend, Christina introduced me to Rosa's a while back, and since then I cannot get enough. They have their own little tortilla factory right there in the restaurant, so everything is so fresh! Including the yummy sopapillas! Oh my goodness! While in Oceanside, we went to the beach a couple of times and strolled through the neatest street market that they have once a week. They have the neatest things there along with the yummiest homemade food. I am talking about Soul Food to Philly Cheesesteak Sandwhiches to Indian Food. I wish I could have sampled it all. But I didn't... I did however have my eye on a foot tall sno-cone that was calling my name and if I ever go back to that place I am definitely getting one! Ha!

Right now, Robert is on a little trip to Maryland. I am not quite sure I know what he is there for, but I do know he is sick. Poor baby. Everytime I call he is in bed. He thinks it is a bad sinus infection.

Next week is my 16-week scan at my dr's appt. I am hoping that during my ultrasound the dr. will take a little peek and hopefully be able to tell us the gender of the baby. I am still leaning towards girl, but my dear husband reminds me everyday that I am just going to get my hopes up. He is convinced that he can only have boys. Ha! I would love to just prove hime wrong. :)

After that, bright and early (like 2 a.m.) we will be headed to this lovely place.

Actually, I am scared of this place and I really don't know why. I have never flown there and from what I always here, it sounds so intimidating. But hey, maybe I will see someone famous while I am there!

Which leads me onto... our trip back to this wonderful state!

I am so excited to be going back for a summer visit. I did just leave there a month ago, but I am too excited to go back. Robert will be able to stay for 10 days, while Thompson and I will be there for about 20. I am hoping many trips to White Water are in store for us! Maybe even Silver Dollar City depending on the heat. I don't know about you, but pushing a stroller up and down those mountains in 90 degree heat with extreme humidity does not sound too pleasant. That is probably why you will see my butt floating in the lazy river. :)

I almost forgot to mention...that I am officially a Twilight fanatic. Robert bought me the books for our anniversary and since then, I have been glued to the Bella-Edward love fest. Oooohhh, I just loved them so much! Each book just got better and better. I was so sad to see it end, wishing that it would keep going on. So, if you are looking for a new series to get into, I highly suggest it.

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  1. Oceanside is great isn't it! I love living here! I named my new car edward, like i said i'll never admit it was because of the twilight series! LOL but it probably is....