Monday, June 8, 2009

Not much has been happening around the Riedel household. Thank goodness! Last night we went and watched "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" here on base at the dollar theater. I love that place. You get in for $1 and they give you a free drink. Plus the food is cheap-- yummy pretzel with cheese and my fave, the hotdog! Yummy! That is really weird actually. I never eat hotdogs. At all. But this pregnancy, I crave hotdogs, all beef of course. Well the other day at Sams we were getting a water and I noticed that they had some of the best looking hotdogs EVER! I didn't get one because we had just got through eating lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, but I probably still could have scarfed one of those bad boys down. :P So, that has been my "weird" pregnancy far!

Thompson has been having a blast here lately. He has become so animated, he just cracks himself up. Also, he has found a new love for his rainboots. He received them for his birthday, and he is finally able to keep them on his feet. Well, from sun up to sun down, the kid has his rain boots on. Here is a cute video of him today dancing to his fave show "Yo Gaba Gaba". I personally cannot stand the guy on there, but whatever. Make sure to turn your head sideways. I forgot about that when I was recording him...oops!

Oh, and I almost forgot. I am now an addicted fan to the Twilight Series! OMG! I read the first book, Twilight, in one day! 500 pages! Too good to put down. Robert is getting me the other 3 books tomorrow. It is one of my requests for my anniversary present. How funny, huh?

His dad is coming in tomorrow night. I think we have decided to go down towards Oceanside on Thursday and stay the night. Beach, Sea World, and maybe the Aquarium...don't know what else, but that sounds like a plan to me.

Anyways, we have a big day ahead of us, so I am going to finish my housework and off to bed!


  1. That is so cute! I was working on my photobook tonight and remember the night of my wedding how Thompson was the life of the party dancing the night away... and everyone loved him!

  2. Twilight will do it to you! I unfortunately was a fan before the final book came out and the wait to read the last one KILLED ME! I am so glad that you are doing good. You better call me ASAP when you go back to the doctor. We go back the 22nd of this month for the dreaded Glucose test. Yippie! Oh well. I miss you! Give Thompson a big kiss for me! Love you!

  3. Hey! I think we got him those boots!! :)