Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of May already?!

Is it me, or is this year just flying by? It seems the older I get the faster they go. Yesterday, Thompson celebrated his 20 month birthday along with my dad who celebrated the big 5-4! I don't think he would mind me telling his age, if anything I think he is proud. I know I would be.

We had a big week this past week! We left for DC/Arlington on Tuesday. Wow! 6 hours+ on a plane with a toddler is work! We switched planes in Dallas, but had ZERO time to even let him get out. Poor guy. But he was mostly good. Everyone always compliments on how well behaved he is. Ha. I wonder if they know how many times I felt like pulling my hair out during that flight?

Here is the little man at the Palm Springs Airport waiting for our plane. Which by the way, he can say "airplane". Very proud!

The hotel we stayed at was so nice! It was right in the middle of everything. We had the Metro train run right by our hotel via a tunnel. So cool. It was our first time riding the Metro.

Wednesday morning was our only time to get to go sight-seeing. So we took full advantage and tried to work in as much as possible. We visited the Arlington Cemetary, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. I really wanted to go to the Smithsonian, but knew that I would just be mad if I got there and had to leave. I even got to taste my first street vendor food. Yum!

That evening was the awards ceremony. It started out with a cocktail hour (or 2) and then we had our dinner and ceremony. This was such an incredible honor for Robert. I could just see the nervousness on his face. But hey? Who wouldn't be nervouse trying to socialize with 2-3 Star Generals, Colonels, and Seargent Majors? Me being the social butterfly I am felt right at home. I, luckily, am a people-person and can talk to anyone. I think that it helped Robert be a little more sociable. The dinner was amazing! Very, very elegant. I love stuff like that! Afterwards was the ceremony. Robert received a huge sword. He calls it something and acts like I should know what it is, but I really don't. So here is a picture of it.

Overall, we had a fantastic night. Thompson was in the great care of a babysitter. She seemed so nice, and I was lucky to have that care so we could really enjoy the night.

Again, after another 6+ hour flight back, we are glad to be home! We will be going back in October for another awards dinner. This time it will be for the USO Servicemember of the Year. We don't know yet if Robert has received this award, but they told him that he HAS to go... So, I am guessing that they don't just send every nominee, but who knows? I am hoping that maybe we can make a longer trip out of the next time.

Yesterday we went down to Palm Desert. We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! good. The past few times we went there has just been so-so. But yesterday, I thought the food was great! I tried something new -- the Baja Chicken Tacos! They were so yummy. Afterwards, we went to Sams. YAY! I love going there. Then on the way home we stopped at the newly found SONIC! YAY! You don't realize how bad I crave their drinks. Its worse when there is not one anywhere around. BUT, low and behold I found one in Palm Desert! Go me! Robert was just thrilled. LOL! So we got our slushies and went home. It was a very relaxing day!

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  1. Alright, what is up with Thompson's hair cut? Lenora! He is bald... Your dress looked cute at the awards dinner, I love it! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Thanks for talking to me for 3+ hours or so on the long drive home...until my phone went pretty much dead!