Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st OB appt

Today was our 1st official OB appt. I was absolutely a nervous wreck just waiting and waiting for that ultrasound. I just wanted the doctor to be like "the baby's perfect!". Luckily, the baby was. We are measuring right on for 12 weeks! So we are leaving the due date at December 15, 2009. It was a very surreal moment. For the past 2.5 years my whole life has been surrounded by Thompson. Going to his OB appts, seeing his precious self on the u/s each month. Now, I see his beautiful face everyday. It really is all about him. So today, looking at the u/s seeing this new baby, it really took my breath away. Just knowing that there would be another baby to love is so precious. As soon as the doctor saw the baby he asked "Do you know if you are wanting a boy or girl?" I said "It doesn't really matter, why?! Can you tell???!!!" He said that if he were to guess what it is, it would definitely be a boy. He said it literally just stood out. Ha! He printed me out a picture, but you really can't for sure tell this early. To me, there is still hope for a little girl. ;) But, like I have said before, I think it would be great for Thompson to have a little brother. But me being as girly as I am...well I need a little girl. Because Robert never really appreciated me sticking hairbows or headbands on Thompson. Ha! I guess we will just see. I go back for my next appt on June 29th. Unsure whether or not we will do another u/s, but if we do then we should find out for sure (as sure as you can be) what the baby is.

Til then-

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