Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's been a LOOOOOONNNG night!

Last night, I put the boys to bed around 8. They both were so tired, I knew it wouldn't be a problem. I came back downstairs and watched tv on the couch. Around 11:15, I headed up to bed myself. Around 1am, I got a wakeup call... Thompson was crawling into bed with me. I scoot over and let him lay down. I fall back asleep. I periodically wake up, look at him, notice he is wide awake, tell him to close his eyes and go to sleep, and then I fall back asleep. I did this til I finally woke up for good around 3am. He would not stop watching tv. I turned it off, he turned it back on. I threatened to kick him out of my bed, he just went downstairs. This lasted for a good 2 hours. After many episodes of "The Nanny" on Nick-at-Nite, I was begging my body to go back to sleep... along with begging Thompson to go to sleep. I finally passed out and I honestly do not think Thompson slept at all. He was waking me up at 7am telling me it was time to wake up. I nicely told him that it was NOT time to get up. I fell back asleep til 8, and I know he didn't sleep because he kept waking me up. I am exhausted. I know he has to be exhausted too. We finally came downstairs and he ate FOUR waffles and drank a glass of milk and apple juice. You would think the kid was starved!

Brycen is up and drinking him a nice bottle. Robert is on his way home from work. So glad we will get to spend the rest of the day together.

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! It was 70* and just perfect. I took the boys outside and cleaned out my car. I am so bad about keeping my vehicle clean. It's pretty bad. Luckily, it is all nice and clean today. Thompson played with his friend Kylie. Afterwards, Meredith and I took the kids to Chick-fil-a and let them play some more. We had a good time visiting and it was nice to have someone to talk to while the kids played. It was funny because I kept asking Thompson to say "Kylie" and all he could say was "Kai lan". Like off the show "Ni hoa, Kai Lan" It was funny.

Tuesday, we have Brycen's appointment in San Diego at Balboa to see the Pediatric Pulmonologist. Hoping everything goes well with that.

Another funny thing from last night was I was sitting there talking to Thompson and he told me he wanted to count. Most of the time Thompson never wants to count, I usually have to ask him to. So I told him we could count. We counted to 10 many times. Then all of a sudden he counted to 5 in SPANISH! I have never heard the kid speak spanish. He hardly will count in English. It was a weird night...


  1. I think this night is a strange one... but then again I think back to many times where I was up and everyone else was asleep. I use to have so much fun playing in the middle of the night!

  2. Ha! What a funny night! Hope you get more rest tonight! :)
    Big Fat Mama