Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Living in Lala Land!

Do you ever do that? I probably spend WAY too much time on Facebook and browsing People and UsWeekly online. Robert hates anything to do with reality tv and what not. He does not understand blogging or the fabulousness of Facebook.

Oh well, his loss!

Anyways, this week has been crazy in the celebrity world!

First off, yesterday, Prince William and Kate Middleton confirmed their engagement. It is pathetic to fully understand how excited I am about this! As a kid, I had a dream of one day becoming the Queen of England. Not even kidding. So admist my giddiness of a royal wedding, I realized that my dreams were over. ha! Yes, I know I am married and have children. But still part of me was a little sad! ;) I think Kate (which now apparently they are wanting her to go by Catherine) will make a beautiful princess! She has such great style and I can't wait to see what she looks like on her wedding day!

I loved this dress!!!

Speaking of weddings... today, Eva Longoria announced her divorce to Tony Parker! I was shocked!! This was one couple I was rooting for. I love her and she always looked so happy. I just saw them on the Ellen Show 2 weeks ago and everything seemed very normal. But... apparently Mr. Parker has the wondering eye. He had been Facebook-ing a lady friend and apparently might have had an affair with a teammate's wife! Wowzers! I am sorry, but he is married to one of Hollywood's most beautiful women and he has to cheat?! Very sad.

Another announcement today, Rachel Zoe is pregnant! Not that it was a complete shock, but I am happy. I am an avid RZ fan and love her show. This season had a focus on her and her husband talking about having a baby. And recent pictures show her with a little baby bump. I just hope the woman gains a little weight for goodness sakes!

The last thing I will discuss (ha!) is Jessica Simpson's new engagement. I haven't been a fan of hers a while. I use to really like her, but something lately just makes me turn my nose up. Anyways, her ex husband, Nick Lachey and his gf, Vanessa Minillo just got engaged like 2 weeks ago. Not even a week later, so does Jessica and her bf of like 5 months. Something seems fishy. Maybe a little jealousy? I shouldn't judge, but I always have my opinion.

Is anybody else loving the latest celeb gossip??

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  1. Fun post! I was surprised about Eva Longoria and Tony Parker today. I actually got my nails done at a local salon once and her and Tony came in and she got her nails done too. They seemed happy!