Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa's List

Thompson is OBSESSED with Christmas! Any and EVERY commercial on tv he says "Oh, is that for Christmas?" or it is a constant "Oh my gosh, how cool! I want that! I want that!" I have tried to talk to him about Christmas and real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas, but I think it is a little too complicated for a 3 year old.

This year I think he will be excited to go visit Santa! When he does see something in the store or on tv, I always remind him to remember to tell Santa. :) I am excited for this year. I LOVE how excited he will be waking up to find all of his presents that Santa has left for him. Not long and I will have 2 excited boys!! But that is where I am drawing a blank. I have made quite a long list for Thompson. But I have hardly anything for Brycen. :( The poor kid doesn't need a thing. And I know that he won't know the difference, but I still want to make an effort. I already feel like he gets the shaft on so much as it is. When Thompson was turning 1, we had a huge party! I went all out and made sure it was perfect for my little boy. Here we are just 3 weeks away from Brycen's 1st birthday and I haven't done a thing. How crappy am I?

So here's the question... do you buy more for the older children?

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  1. Yes buy more for older child and get something for yourself instead of brycen! that way when brycen is 3 and remembers you can still have a little something to remember the days you had more money! xmas will drain parents! i'm a little behind you in the child department but i'm working on playing catch up! xoxo