Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dr. Update

Today was Brycen's appointment down at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. Robert was able to get off for a few hours to come with me. We got there on time and got checked in. They called us back and they did all of his vitals. We were then taken back and talked to the Pulmonologist. I honestly have no clue how to say the dr's name. He spoke with us for a few minutes, going over all of Brycen's background information. We talked a lot about his symptoms and what seems to trigger his asthma. He basically reaffirmed what we already thought-- his asthma is induced by allergies and whenever he gets viral infections. We decided to stay on the medicines that we are on minus the reflux medicine. Then a nurse came in and did an overview on asthma, some different triggers, and what we need to do if it gets bad. We have A LOT of information to study up on. This lady was awesome. She was a big help and actually made me have faith again in our healthcare system. They decided to go ahead and give Brycen his first dose of his flu vaccination. She reassured me that she was awesome at giving shots. And she didn't dissapoint. Brycen didn't flinch at all!! Oh, how I wish they were all that easy. We then had to go sit in the pharmacy and wait on some refills. If you ever go to a military hospital, you know that waiting at the pharmacy is the LONGEST part of the trip. We sat there for probably an hour. Not fun. But Brycen did great today. Thompson stayed with our neighbor so that way I could really concentrate on what the doctor had to tell us. That was such a big help. And this was actually the first time Robert and I have ever been alone with Brycen out and about. Not kidding.

So overall it was a good day. Robert had to go back to work as soon as we got home. And I just have to say it.

I miss my husband.

He has worked so much here lately. Just another week and he should have a week and a half off. (Fingers crossed!) Oh, and I want to wish him a Happy 5 Year Anniversary in the Marine Corps. Five years ago I was sitting in my apartment crying my eyes out as he left me to go to boot camp. We have both come a long way in those 5 years. He plans on making a career out of the Marines. I just tell him to check back with me when it's coming time for the next re-enlistment to still see if I have any patience left to tolerate another 4 more. We are just taking it day by day.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I will be spending this day cleaning and doing laundry. Whoo hoo ;)


  1. i hate waiting at the naval hospital for drugs...hate it!

  2. I am happy to hear that it isn't anything more serious going on with Brycen. And congrats to Robert for 5 years!!! I had one of those patience trying days with the army today, so I completely feel for you! Good luck on the next 15 years ;) And I HATE the military pharmacy!!! lol