Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 5 Months Brycen Boy!

Oh, goodness! I can't believe how big you are. It makes me so happy to look at you with such a big smile on your face. But my heart breaks at the same time... you are growing up way too fast. Chances are, you will be our last baby and knowing realizing that you are not so "baby-ish" anymore is just so sad. I miss the way you cuddled on my chest. That wouldn't even cross your mind today! You are SO active. I swear that your feet NEVER stop moving. If you aren't a runner like your daddy, I would be surprised!

Over the past month, you traveled to Arkansas again. You adore all of your family there. We will be back quite a bit this summer, which I know everyone will love!

I haven't measured you, but we will get that at your 6 month check up. You are weighing between 16-16.5 pounds. You are sleeping through the night and wake up around 8 in the morning. You have a bottle, play for a bit, and then back to sleepy land for a couple more hours. You are on a great schedule and I am so proud for that! It definitely makes my life a little easier.

I always say that you are my good child. You are so easy going and are just so happy. Everyone will walk by and you will just flash that big grin at them. We even had some ladies following us around the grocery store today just to see if you would smile at them. :)

You are wearing anywhere from 6-12 months in clothes. Your shorts are about 6 months. Your tops are 6-9 months. And your rompers are usually 12 months. Big Boy!!

You are wearing a size 2 diaper and size 2 shoes.

The only thing you are lacking on is your hair. Ha! Poor Jude, he is so worried about you not ever having any hair! He even said to his mom "You know that baby, Thompson's brother? Will he EVER grow any hair?!?" I think that you will one day grow some hair, but I think it is going to be blonde. Maybe sandy blond. Definitely not black like your momma's was when she was little. But I could be wrong. Your poor brother has my curly hair, I pray yours is straight like your dad's.

You are sitting great in your bumbo chair and you love to play in the exersaucer. I will probably break out the jumperoo soon. Thompson would go crazy in that thing! I hope you like it as much as he did.

We started you on a little baby food the other day. So far you love the applesauce. I have also tried green beans, which you turn your nose up at. So funny. You tolerate peas. Thompson hated green baby food. You might just be the same way! We will try them again to make sure there aren't any allergies, then we will move on to the carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes! You still take about 5 bottles a day, 6 ounces at a time.

You are just growing up, baby boy. Soon, I won't be able to call you a baby! :( But your daddy and I love you so much! Happy (belated) 5 months!

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  1. Ahh Brycen, you are growing up into such a cute little boy! I like to think we taught him how to smile so much when he was home the first time ;)