Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To go or not to go? That is the question...

I am seriously contemplating about going to grad school and getting my Master's Degree. Seriously.

I honestly jumped for joy when I finished school, swearing off papers, tests, and all of the ridiculously priced books that I had to buy over the years. But in the grim economy we live in today, I feel like I have no other choice.

I always, always thought that if you have your Bachelor's degree you were set. Set! You would get a great job and move up the ladder onto bigger and better things over the next years. I never thought that just finding the job part would be the hard part. I have been looking over the past few months at what is out there for when I do want to go to work. Not very promising at all.

I remember seeing this great title "HR Assistant, Bachelor's degree required". I silently started screaming "Oooooh, Oooooh! That's me!!" But then I looked a little harder. And then I saw that what they were paying for this "degree required" job was what I could make doing what I did all through high school without a degree!

I realized that what I want to do requires more education or more work experience. But I have one question. How am I supposed to get work experience if I can't get a job in my field because I don't have previous experience? Hmmmm??? Doesn't make sense.

So, I thought that while my babies are still young I would go back to school. Perfect excuse to stay home with them as well. ;) I have always said that "your children are only young once, and I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to work!"

So here is the hard part. Tuition is ridiculous. Almost as bad as those textbooks. I still have about $2200 left out of my grant I received last year. That will pay for a about a fifth of it, I am guessing. So I started doing a little research online tonight to find out about some scholarships. Geesh! There are a lot out there. So, I am going to go to the Education Center in June and talk to them about what I need to do and what schools they recommend. I would love to get my MBA from the U of A, but I don't know if that is a possibility with me being in California. So we will see!

Wish me luck!!

Oh, and here are some sweet words out of the adorable mouth of my two year old...

"I like chicken, but I love you Mom!"

I think I'll keep him! :)

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