Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brotherly Love

I am not going to lie, I have always, always wanted a baby girl. I just knew that I would have one. I mean growing up with 3 sisters, girls were only a natural thing. When Thompson was born, I really didn't know what to do. I soon learned fast that baoys are wild!!! And then when we found out we were having another boy, I prayed and prayed for an abundance of patience and mercy. Needless to say, my boys have yet to disappoint. :)

Our life is anything but dull. We spend our days playing with trucks and trains, reading John Deere books, riding bikes, and waiting for the ice cream truck.

One moment today that just made me laugh so hard was when I feeding Brycen some sweet potatoes and he blew a raspberry shooting the food all over him and me. Thompson came up and said "No, Brycen. We don't pit" (spit) Too funny. I feel like a broken record sometimes with how much I have to repeat myself, but now I have proof that something is sinking in. Ha!

But my favorite thing is when I see Brycen watching Thompson. Brycen is a natural smiler, but this baby just lights up when he sees his brother. It's like no other! He could be in the middle of something and see his big bother walk by and he just locks his eyes onto him. It's priceless!

I may not have little girls to dress up in tutu's or wear big hairbows, but I think I have two of the best boys in the world that have no trouble melting thier momma's heart!

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  1. Ahh Lenora, that was so sweet! I miss Brycen and Thompson!