Friday, May 21, 2010


Ok, so we are back from Arkansas! It was a GREAT trip! Graduation was fast, but wonderful. Literally, I felt like I had to walk across that stage in 5 seconds! Ha!

Me and my babies!

On the way...

We had a great party afterwards! And a YUMMY Rick's Bakery red velvet Razorback cake! So good and so cute!

While there, we also had my cousin's, Tiffany, bridal shower. It rained the entire day, but she still had a great turn out! And she was blessed with such nice gifts. She registered for the same brand of dishes that I have and I am in love with hers! I want to buy these canisters and a serving bowl to add to mine.

Are these not seriously cute?!

The hostesses and the bride

Aren't these peonies beautiful? They came out of my mom's flower bed!

Tiffany and her adorable cake!

My best friends!

Speaking of rain, it rained the ENTIRE time we were there. Not kidding. Not just rain either, it was complete with many tornadoes! Crazy! Remember the last time I was back home? It was freezing cold the entire time we were there and had snow storms.

We always love visitors! Kari and Kalli came up one day and played!

Brittany, Brycen, and I

Brittany, Denver, and the kids!

Since we have been back, I am trying my best to get everything back in order! Moving is so crazy! I rearranged furniture yesterday and have been putting stuff on the walls. It is slowly coming together. I need to go to Lowe's to buy some hanging baskets for my front porch and some pave stone for our patio. Lots to be done over the next few weeks!

Robert is still working like a dog. Poor guy. He is working anywhere from 16-20 hours a day. Last night he got home at 9:30 which was great! I was actually awake! But then he has to be up by 2:30 to get to work by 3:40. He is almost finished with his cycle, so just another week.

I forgot (not really forgot, but more so didn't have time) Brycen's 5 month post! So, I will get that up asap. Hope everybody has a fabulous weekend! We, I am sure, will be spending plenty of time outside. Thompson got a new bike (Thanks, Papa) and he is in love. He talks about his bike 24/7.

Next week, Sex and the City 2 comes out! I am definitely going to be leaving the kids with Robert so I can catch it!

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