Monday, May 2, 2011

What's New???

Well besides this never-ending rain, we have had a pretty good couple of days!

Saturday, we went to Silver Dollar City. It sprinkled on and off all day, but overall we had a great time! Brycen was such a good boy. He sat so patiently with my mom while I took Thompson on the rides. We even got to see the Beaver Lake Dam flood gates open! So much water!!

{Thompson playing a game}

{Of course, he had to win the biggest prize!}

{The Dam}

{Jude Boy!}


{Thompson and I}
... please don't judge our hair! Rain + thick, curly hair = AWFUL!

Sunday, we celebrated my Papa's 76th birthday! He is such a hard worker. He and my Granny are out working everyday!

{His Cake! It has his gravel truck on it}

{Papa & Granny}

At the party was our baby cousin, Lola! She is about 7 weeks younger than Brycen. And let me tell you... he was not very fond of this baby girl following him around! ha! He kept telling her "No!" and "Mine!" thinking she was going to steal his sippy cup. And we tried to get some pictures of the 2 kids with Granny and Brycen did not like her sitting up there with him. He tried to bite her!! Not kidding. And then after she got down and he was still up there, he let out this big laugh like he was proud he ran her off. I have already said it, but this little thing is going to be my troublemaker! He is a complete mess! :)

(Gran, Thompson, and Lola}

 {She's got her hands full with those two!}

{Proof! He tried to bite her.}

{Awww... I got my way so now it's better!}

Today we found out that Jeremy and Shanna are having a sweet baby boy! Poor Haili is outnumbered by all of these boys! Oh well, extra spoiling for her! ;)

I also went and got my nails done on Friday. I tried the new shellac that supposedly lasts 2-3 weeks. Well after tonight, I have defeated that! My whole index finger nail polish came off. It just pealed off. Hmmm.... Anyways, I am going tomorrow to make them redo it. When you pay extra for something, I would like it to last longer than 3 days!

I am thanking God that I am not weighing in this week. The past 2 days I felt like I have been STARVING!!! I have tried to limit my intake, but I feel like I just have been so hungry.

Other than that, we have been hanging out inside due to all the rainI am so thankful that the awful tornadoes didn't come near us last week. I have been praying so hard for those who have lost their loved ones and their homes from the storm!


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