Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is Weight Watchers Wednesday! I went and weighed in today... and I have lost 5.3 more pounds. So that puts me at a total of 11.6 pounds lost for my first month on WW!

I am so proud of this. I love that I still eat things I want, but that I am just more cautious about my portions and choices! And I never come to AR and lose weight!

I am still drinking my water like crazy and try to eat more fruits and veggies. I actually feel a little "off" if I dont have them. I do think I have eaten too many salads lately, because my stomach kills me afterwards. (It could be the banana peppers that I PILE on top too... hmmm...)

Other than that, I am happy with my loss. I know realistically it will start to slow to a pound to maybe two a week. I am perfectly fine with that! I am not looking for a fast fix. Definitely want to do it right!

We are trying to stay dry here. After 10+ days of rains, floods, hail, and tornados... I am ready for the sunshine!!


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