Friday, May 6, 2011

A new direction...

So A LOT has been happening the past few weeks. Along with our trip to Arkansas, Robert and I have been making some major family decisions.

When he joined the Marines, we had a plan. He would stay in 4 years, get out, go to school, and then live a "normal" life. Well, as the time came for us to make that decision to get out or stay in... we decided we better stay. The economy has been awful, we were pregnant with Brycen, and I was a month away from finishing college. We weren't ready to get out. We needed that stability for atleast a few more years.


With a little over 2 years left on this contract, we have decided we need to plan for our future. With that being said, we have decided to get out.

I have never been more proud of Robert than I have in the past 5 years. He has excelled as a Marine, father, and husband. But to make a long story short, Robert is tired of the Marine Corps. I know he loves being a Marine, but he doesn't love what they have become. I always tell him he was born in the wrong era. He is no-questions-asked kinda guy. And the M.C. is not what it used to be. It isn't even what it used to be when he joined in 2005.

This is a big decision for us. We have made the decision for the boys and I to move back and get settled (I get a job, get a house, boys in school, etc.). To think that we haven't agonized over it is an understatement. Robert doesn't want to be away from us (nor us from him), but we feel this is the best decision for us. Our main goal is to save for our future. We only get one chance coming out of the Marines and I don't want to ruin it. I feel that if we set ourselves up financially for the future, it will give us a great shot at transitioning back to the civilian life.

I am just being honest here and explaining our thoughts. I don't want people to get the wrong impression on anything. It is going to be hard. But, we are prepared for that. Just like the past 5.5 years of being together in the Marine Corps world, we will definitely make it through. :)


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