Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, I have been a bad Weight Watchers blogger. I have not "officially" weighed in at a meeting in like a month! My weight loss has slowed down (which I knew it would) and I have only maybe lost 4-5 pounds this month (depending on the day). I am not fretting over this. It's just a hurdle I will get over.

One thing that I have noticed that could be hurting me is that I am not drinking enough water. I know... bad, Lenora. I was doing really well, but then kind of started slacking. I am trying to get it back up to where it was!

One thing I have kept up with though, is my fruit intake. I love fruits!! Right now, I have been buying these little apple packs with a yogurt dip in them. They are 3 points, but the yogurt is sweet and reminds me of that cream cheese fruit dip. I also have been snacking on some fresh pineapple and cherries! Cherries are expensive so I won't be getting those every week. But pineapples are like $2.50 for one right now. Not bad at all! I also love those little Cuties oranges. They are sweet and seedless. The boys love them too. :)


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