Monday, May 23, 2011


If you live in the South, then you are fully aware of the AWFUL spring storms we have had recently. The tornadoes that killed all those in the Alabama area broke my heart. The devastation is beyond words. And then last night, just a little ways from where we are, in Joplin, MO, they had 1 single tornado come through and wipe out 75% of it's town. So far, 89 people have been killed. As I was watching the Weather Channel last night, one of the storm chasers that had followed the tornado was reporting on the damage that had just happened. Right in the middle of the interview he just broke down in tears. I, too, was crying at this point. You could truly see how bad this was. It ripped part of the hospital down. Flattened so many houses. There were people scrambling to find their neighbors. And really, we just had a glimpse into this awful nightmare that they are living.

We have been warned that we are under more severe storms until Thursday. I pray, pray that everything stays safe. Please pray for all of the families affected by this storm. I know they are transferring a lot of injured people to NWA hospitals. And they had to fully evacuate all of the patients at the hospital that got hit. It is unbelievable what can happen in an instant.


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