Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Awful, just awful!

That is how I have felt lately!

My allergies are about to kill me! I wish I were kidding. I am on so much allergy medication, at any point during the day I feel like I could fall over and sleep for a week. I honestly have not felt this bad since I was a kid.

That is one good thing California did for me!

Other than my awfulness, we have had a great few days. Sunday, I took Brycen and Jilian shopping. We had a really good time. Monday was my dad's birthday!! He, unfortunately, had to work all day, but my sister, Tara made a delicious dinner for all of the family that night. She built an outdoor patio with a kitchen and it came in SOOO handy! We didn't have to go inside for anything. (She just got the pool ready and I can't wait to go swim!) Mom, Brooklyn, and I took all of the kiddos to the river Sunday, too. We didn't have one fish bite, but we still had a good time. It was nice... of course til my eyes started burning, itching, watering, swelling, etc. I had to go home and lay down for about an hour with a cold rag on them.

I am telling you guys... it's bad! It's sad because all Thompson wants to do is go outside and play. And I can't even do that for more than 20 minutes. I am going to get a referral to an allergist here, so hopefully they can help. I am not trying to gripe too much about it, but it is just a constant everyday thing now. :(

Here are some pics of the boys from last week!

{My baby and I at Tar-Jay}

{So big! He will be 18 months on the 11th!}

{Reminds me of his daddy! :) }

{My brown-eyed boy!}

{The boys showing off their muscles, hehe!}

Love them! Every night when I put Thompson in bed he always says "We had a great day, Mom". Melts my heart. I love hearing him say that. He is such a sweet boy-- they both are!


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  1. They are so stinking cute! I hate that you feel bad! Makes a person miserable.
    Tara's outside kitchen sounds awesome! I'd love to see it if you ever think of it... Snap some pics? I've always been fascinated by interior like exterior living!
    Our friends are building a house, south western style and she'll have a patio type on a portion of her roof that's flat with a fire pit etc I cannot wait to see it! So much fun!