Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Brycen is a hoot! I used to think he was going to be my laid-back child, but now I regress that thought. He is a spitfire. He lets you know when he is mad and he will tell you "No!" on just about everything!

I love him though! :)

I see me in him. I see Robert in him. He is strong-willed and that makes me proud. As much as it frustrates me, it still makes me proud.

He is saying so much these days! Here are some of his words: momma, dada, papa, nana, brookie, cookie, jude, spongebob (not kidding), more, drink, no, thank you, ball, banana, go, yay, uh-oh, and I know there are more. He is just talking away!

He is the pickiest eater ever. The child will eat tator tots at every meal if I would let him. He likes chicken strips too. That is usually our meal if we go out to eat. He will eat all fruit! Loves it. Hates vegetables, always has. Won't eat cheese. He loves yogurts and pudding. And sweets! Boy, does he love sweets! His favorite time of the day is when my dad comes home and runs and jumps in his lap to eat a snack with him. I try to feed him other foods, but he just ends up yelling "no!" and throwing the food across the room. Kid you not.

He gets in trouble for that one.

He loves to gives kisses when he wants to. He knows exactly where to go when I tell him it is time to take his medicine. He always tells everyone "Nigh-Nigh" before we go to bed. He still takes a passy at bedtime, but thats about it.

Oh, I love that boy so much! He is 17 months now. He weighs about 24 pounds. He wears a size 6 shoe and 12-18 months in clothes. Some 24 months. He loves to play ball and run around with his brother. Last night he was acting like he was counting on his fingers  (Like Thompson was) and then yelled "Go!" and ran around. So cute!!


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