Thursday, April 14, 2011

WWW-- on Thursday!

I meant to do a post last night, but I was exhausted! I went shopping all day yesterday and came home and was in bed before 10!


I weighed in at the meeting in my hometown on Tuesday night. (So it had been 2 weeks since I weighed in officially) I lost 4 pounds! I was proud. I had a little mess up on Saturday night, but I am trying not to dwell and look forward to the new day. So I am at about 6.5 lbs lost.

As you know, when I come to my parent's house we eat out A LOT! This can be a challenge because you never realize what they put on your food while preparing it. Instead of a recipe this week, I am going to put some tips to use when eating out.

  • Whenever they grill foods, they are probably using butter and seasonings. Last night I was at the Outback and told them to do mine "Light Style" and they didn't use either. It still tasted amazing! They also just simply steamed my green beans instead of sauteeing them.
  • When you get a salad, ask for the dressing on the side. This way you can control how much dressing goes on it. And when they give you a packet, look on the back at the nutritional info. Chances are it is a 2 serving packet. Be aware! Also a great way to cut back on some points is to skip the croutons and ask them to put the cheese on the side.
  • Water, water, water! I try to drink about 96 ounces a day. While you are eating out, try to drink a few glasses before your meal comes. This way, you are likely to eat less!
  • Portion Control! This could be my biggest obsticle. I need to realize that the amount of food they give you doesn't necessarily mean you have to eat it all.
  • Pass the bread-- to the next person. I have found this to be easier than I thought. If you can't stand to see it on the table and not eating it, ask your server to take it away. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Plan away! If you know where you are going to eat, start researching. Most places have their menus online these days. This gives you time to plan your meal out. I have read somewhere that if you go into a restaurant with your choice already, you will be less likely to order something bad for you.
Ok, hope those tips help! Oh, and I meant to share this... my new favorite thing is Sonic's diet cherry limeade! They are soooo good! And a medium size drink is 0 points!



  1. I'm so proud for you! You are in the ZONE!

  2. Thanks for the Diet Cherry Limeade heads up! :) A guilt free drink! Love you!