Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Laying Low

Well, the past couple days we have been relaxing at home. Brycen has not felt well and has been in one those moods. Poor guy! I think he is teething because he has been snotty-nosed and whiny. I haven't felt the best either. My allergies have been horrible since I have been here. Thompson has been in a pretty good mood, actually. He even is taking a nap for me today.

Tonight I am making this new dish. I am actually throwing a bunch of random stuff together and hoping it turns out! Haha! We'll see.

Tomorrow, I am taking the boys to this bounce place. I know they will have so much fun! Hopefully I will remember to take my camera with me.

Here are some pics I have taken in the past couple of days...

My sister Brittany won free TCBY for year while we were shopping Saturday!

Funny Faces!!

Brycen trying to do a funny face!

This is our normal, haha!!

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