Friday, April 8, 2011


Well that was a close one.

I was FOR SURE thinking that the government would soon be shutting down. I was counting every penny making sure we would be ok for who knew how long. It's stressful. One thing I always said was that I would never have to worry about Robert not getting a paycheck. Boy was I wrong! I have been stressed to the max all week long!

Thankfully, our wonderful leaders came to an agreement and the world is a happy place again... for now. Let's hope we don't have a repeat of this again come this October.

Tomorrow I am getting to go shopping...without the boys! Whoo Hoo! No crying that they don't want to sit in the carts and I can browse as loooonnnng as I want to! :) Then we are going to dinner to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday!

Oh and I chopped my hair off today. When I say chop, I mean short! I love it though. Definitely will be so much easier to manage with blow drying and fixing it. And it won't be so hot. I have extremely thick hair and it can be hard to manage. Plus my sister said I needed a "mom haircut" again. Haha.

Ok, going to bed! Have a great weekend!


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