Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So much going on!

There is SOOOO much going on right now, especially in my head! So much that the stress has given me a lovely fever blister. Nice, huh?

I would love to give details, but there are none as of right now. Just a bunch of ideas that Robert and I are trying to work out.

We are still hoping he can come in for a visit in May. If not, then the boys and I will just go back to CA to try and spend the time with him while he is on off cycle.

We had a great weekend! The boys, my mom, my nephew, and I met up with my cousin, Linda and her little girl, Ansley at Silver Dollar City! So much fun!! I was worried because when we got there it was freezing. But in true Arkansas (well, I guess we were technically in Missouri) fashion... if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it'll change! And that it did! It turned out beautiful. Perfect weather! The kids rode rides and we went and saw a little show. We ate some awesome food, too! Mom always gets those curly potato chips with cheese. I usually get the sausage, potato, and corn mix but since I am watching it, I went and found the yummiest salad! It was huge! It was a ton of fresh spinach leaves, grilled chicken, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and then some raspberry vinegarette! I ate every. last. bite.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Freddy's. It is kind of a cross between Steak-n-Shake and In-n-Out. I had a grilled chicken sandwhich and a handful of their yummy shoestring fries! For dessert, I did indulge. Brycen and I shared a scoop of chocolate frozen custard. It's higher in points than regular ice cream, but in my opinion, it is SOOOO worth the splurge!

I guessed on the point values of my meal and then later asked for a nutritional menu. Turns out I was right! I feel like I am learning more so of foods and their points plus value. Funny story, I was in the restaurant and I whipped out my Weight Watchers eating out guide book. I can usually find restaurants with similar foods to base what I am going to get. I was studying my book and this guy asked if I was on WW. I told him yes and he said his wife was doing it too and she is always nose-deep in her book too! I later saw her and she said I stuck to it a lot better than she did. (She apparently didn't see my frozen custard I had later on! ha!)

Sunday, Mom and I took all 3 boys to watch Hop! Brycen wasn't such a big fan of sitting still and he preferred the idea of climbing all over the chairs and screaming. So he and I sat outside for the last 45 minutes of the movie.

Also, forgot to mention... Friday I went with my friend Becca to Fayetteville. We decided after dinner to go watch a movie. We ended up seeing Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey. It was GREAT!! Love lawyer movies and he played a great role! Definitely recommend it!

It is supposed to storm for like the next 10 days here. Hoping it will be pretty this weekend so the kids can do their Easter egg hunts!


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