Monday, May 18, 2009

Well, I really wanted to go for a walk today. But the last time I went, it didn't go to well. I started my walk and got about half-way done and literally thought I would have a heat stroke. Seriously. The air here is so dry and it feels like you can't ever cool down. As I was finishing my walk, I almost got hit by someone backing out of their driveway. I literally had to run while beating on the back of their vehicle to try and get her to stop. When I made it across (ALIVE!) I just started shaking and crying. She just looked at me like, "oh, sorry!" No joke! I was furious! Robert happened to pull up on me right before I made it home and I just burst out in tears again! She scared me to death. So, needless to say I have not been to happy about walking. I might just take Thompson up to the gym and walk on the treadmill. I would love to go to the pool, but it is really hard to try and keep up with Thompson without Robert. I am more of the one that likes to lounge by the pool. Robert is great with swimming with him and keeping him entertained. The pool is just a little too cool for my liking. They desperately need to take a lesson from my sister who keeps her pool about bath water temperature! That's what I am talking about! :)

One of my best friends found out she is having a baby GIRL this morning! Jade Allison Emitt is due October 8th, and I can't wait! I so want a baby girl and would LOVE if I were to have a girl and the two could grow up and be best friends like Becca and I did! Congrats Becca and Kenny! So happy for the you!!!

This brings me to another thought.... a few weeks back I found out about this test that you can take that supposedly can tell you the gender of your baby based on hormones in your urine. It is called Intellegender. Well, Becca took the test and it came out boy! What?! Obviously we know she is having a girl, so the test was wrong. It is getting so many rave reviews and it claims to have a 90% success rate, so I might still try it out in a couple of weeks just for fun. I will let you know how that goes.
I have my first dr.'s appt on Wednesday. It is just with the nurse, so I am sure nothing too exciting. Hopefully soon after (like the next day) I can have my appt with the dr. :) We will see...
Thompson is watching tv and breaking into the entertainment center! Obviously having a great time! Ha! We watched a great movie last night. It is called "Taking Chance". It has Kevin Bacon in it and one of Robert's good friends. It's about a marine who gets killed in Iraq in 2004 and Kevin Bacon plays a LtCol. that wants to escort the Marine back home. It shows his journey and the impact that this marine's life had on him. The movie is based on the journal from the real LtCol. It is a very touching movie and I encourage everyone to watch it.

Here is a pic of the little guy this morning

I forgot to show this picture earlier. Here is a picture of the shirt that I had made for Thompson to wear. This is how we decided to tell people we were expecting! I love it!

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