Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thompson's BIG haircut!

So, Robert and I have been discussing how we would like Thompson's hair cut. We both agree that we think short and neat is the way to go. His hair was starting to get a little wild, so... we decided to take him to get a haircut today...with Robert. Eesh! No, it's not bad. Just short. Really, really short. Here are his before pictures:

And his after:

I can tell that it will be so great for him, especially with this 100 degree temps! He was always sweating so bad because of his thick hair. So now this will keep him extra cool. If you are wondering why he doesn't have a shirt on in the second pictures, it is because the nice lady decided to give a big tootsie roll sucker to help occupy him. Well, when he got done he was dripping in slobber, covered in all of the stickiness. Ewww... That was his first sucker, and I didn't plan on giving him on for a while, but I would do anything to make sure they didn't screw up his hair with the clippers. Ha!
We went outside today for a whole 20 minutes to let Thompson play. Here are some cute pictures from the day.

Pointing out the birds a.k.a. ducks as Thompson likes to call them.

Gotta stay hydrated in this heat!

When I asked him to show me his teeth, he started "brushing" his teeth! :)

Last night we went to the Gretchen Wilson concert here at the base! It was awesome! That girl can sing. Thompson had a blast! He rocked out!


  1. Lenora, cute pics! where were you all day? I am in Baton Rouge! yikes! I don't know if i LOVE his haircut...this just means he is growing up on me! Love you all!

  2. the hair cut makes him look more like his daddy. dont you just love little boy hair cuts :)