Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My kid is a nut!

He walks around the house putting random things on his head. He loves the attention we give him because we always burst out laughing. I think he will definitely be a class clown.

He also loves putting on hats. Today he found his skull bandana and thought it was the coolest thing. So he walked around for a little while with it on.

Ok, here is a big question. Thompson has become one of the pickiest eaters I know. He will literally look at something and turn it down. He won't even try it! This KILLS me!!! ARGHHHH!!! Yesterday, it took 3 different lunches to even try and get him to eat. He hates sandwhich meat, cheese, macaroni, etc. He eats lots of breads... cereals too. I am just running out of ideas on things to feed him. So for those who have had a picky eater, what did you feed them?

1 comment:

  1. He is too cute!

    He sure did love biscuits and jelly at Granny's when we ate with him and your mom! :)