Thursday, May 14, 2009

We made it back!

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. Things have been definitely hectic, so I just haven't had much time. Here is the run-down on what has been happening with the Riedel family:
May 3- Supposed to go home -- Can't due to the Swine Flu on base -- stay a couple extra days
May 8- Take Thompson to the walk-in clinic due to a prolonged sinus infection + possible ear infection... eesh...
May 9- Supposed to go home...again...doesn't happen...again. Noticed a lot of green looking stuff coming out of Thompson's right ear which scared me to death to fly with him.
May 9- Later on that day, Thompson dislocated his right elbow. So off we go to the emergency room at Washington Regional. BAD IDEA!!! There were at minimum 100 people waiting and I didn't feel like sitting there for hours and hours. We then head to NW Medical Center of Benton County. Luckily we get right in and they do the x-ray and see the dislocation. While the x-ray tech was trying to get pictures, Thompson popped it back in place. Luckily I noticed this before the dr came back with the morphine to give him so he could pop it back. Poor baby. Honestly, it was like he was a new person as soon as it went back. It was definitely the most heartbreaking thing I have had to deal with when it comes to him. He would just lie there in my arms holding his arm over his tummy. He couldn't move it at all. He would just look up at me with the saddest eyes wondering why he was hurt and why I wasn't helping him. It was awful. And I know that with him being a boy this is just the tip of the iceberg. But I really, really hate it. It breaks my heart to see him hurt. He is all better now, and wouldn't even know that something was ever wrong.
May 10- Mother's Day! My mom came back from Florida just in time to go out to eat at the Marketplace with all of the family. It was great! I think that is what I miss the most when I am out here in CA is just being able to get to eat dinner with the family. I love spending time with them.
May 11- We came home! I was so ready to just relax at my own house. I love being away, but I love sitting on my couch or sleeping in my own bed even more! Oh, and seeing the husband isn't too shabby either! ;)

I had so much fun though visiting with my friends! I love getting to see them! My friend, Becca, is about 19 weeks pregnant and is too cute! She finds out what she is having in 4 days! (Even though we KNOW it is a boy! ;) ) Very excited for her.

It is unreal how much Thompson learned by being in AR for that short amount of time. His vocabulary expanded so much! I think being around Jilian and Jude contributed to it a lot. He isn't around many kids here, so it helps when he does get to spend that time with them. Which reminds me...I am going to enroll him in pre-school this summer. I think the wait list is a little bit, so maybe around August he can get in. Which is perfect! I will be starting my last semester of school and will need some extra time. And of course since there is a new baby :) coming in December, I will need that much more time to prepare for him/her! We found out that we are expecting #2. Currently, I am about 9.5 weeks along due around Dec. 15. I have my first appt on the 20th, which is just the nurse appt where you give all of your family history, etc. Supposed to have my first dr. appt about a week after that! Can't wait! We had an ultrasound on April 14th, when I was 5 weeks and you could see the little yolk sak. Too cute!!! Ha! It was still too early to see a heartbeat, so I am excited/nervous for the next appt. I have been feeling ok. Nausea came when I was in Florida. It was like a ton of bricks. I really could not function til about 2 in the afternoon. Luckily, it has slowed way down and I hardly notice it at all. There will be times when it hits here and there, but that is about all. Severe dizziness is also another thing I go through. I feel like I do when my blood sugar gets low. So, I eat about 6 times a day to try and stay level.

I have been a bad mommy and haven't taken any recent pictures. Hopefully it won't be too hot today, and we can play outside. We went to the pool the other day and it was so nice. Thompson had a blast until he decided he wanted to run down the side of the pool by himself. Needless to say, we went home after that. He will learn...eventually!

I will try and post pics tonight. Hope everyone has a good day!!!


  1. COngrats on expecting #2!!! How exciting!!

  2. Congrats!! That is awesome. I swear there is something in the water as they say.

    April Swarthout