Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's a new day!

I have been keeping that little phrase in mind a lot lately. It helps put a smile on my face and get me ready to face the new day.

I thought I would do a few randoms... because it seems I never have a complete thought. Not kidding.

Stress + Me = Best Friends! I wish this were true. Most days I am so frazzled, some days nothing phases me. I prefer the latter.

I go today to fill out all of my paperwork for my new job. I am ecstatic! It is my first "official" job in almost 4 years! Yes, being a full-time Mommy is DEFINITELY a full time job. I obviously mean outside of the home. I am so, so, so grateful to have gotten to be with my babies this long. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything!

Since I have been home for 4 years, my wardrobe shows it. I don't think my new job prefers my Florida souvenir shirts and yoga pants. So today I am going to go find a few outfits.

I dyed my hair this morning. Yes, my name is Lenora, and I use a box dye! And I love it! I am hooked on the new foam ones. SO easy! Funny thing is that my natural hair color is dark brown. From past, unfortunate experiences I have learned that if I use anything even close to my natural color my hair will turn out black. Not pretty. So I have learned to use 'light brown'.

Spotify-- I never really knew what it was until I saw someone on Twitter talking about it. I downloaded it on my phone, but couldn't figure it out. Then I realized I had to download it on my computer first. You literally type in anything and it will download instantly for free! You can do a premium package and get it streamed to your phone. It is awesome! I have been catching up on some early Dierks Bentley. ;)

I can't think of anything else. I know there are a ton more thoughts running through this ol' brain, but that is all I can gather into complete thoughts for now. Have a great Thursday! It is almost the weekend!!



  1. I love Spotify! I went with the premium pkg so that when I go walking I can play music through my phone!

  2. Spotify sounds amazing!!!
    Your hair is gorgeous natural girl!!! I don't know why you'd dye it!!