Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Robert!

Tomorrow is my wonderful husband's 28th birthday! We have been having some "talks" about him turning 28. (Basically me super excited because it's his birthday and him grumbling about how old he is!) Today I think he has finally realized that he is older than what he has always thought he was. If you told him to go run a mountain, he would. If you told him to do a thousand push-ups, he would drop down and do them. He has always been so physically active. Playing sports, being an active runner, a gym rat, he loves it all! And sadly, with his blown-out knee, he is realizing he is not 16 anymore. But, as long as you are young at heart, that is all that really matters! :)

I am always super pumped about anyone's birthday, especially his. And as much as I hate it, we aren't there to celebrate with him. But, hopefully we can celebrate his and Thompson's together real soon!!

I am so thankful for Robert. I am so proud of the husband and father he is. Without him, we wouldn't have our beautiful boys. Without him, I wouldn't be me. I love him with all of my heart and he definitely deserves to be celebrated on his special day!


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