Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where I work!

So I thought now would be a great time to tell you a little bit about where I work! I have found an incredible place. The people truly make it so enjoyable. 

We are an e-commerce company. We have around 10+ websites where we sell everything from baby items, to scrubs, to cowboy boots, to fishing poles, to blenders, you name it we probably got it! We are adding more and more brands every day!

Some of my favorite ones (which could get my wallet in a lot of trouble!) are from our site, Hectic Gourmet. We just added Kitchen Aid to our list! You all know how I love Kitchen Aid. If I hadn't already bought a stand mixer, I would be getting one now. One thing that I have been needing for a while that I will probably be asking for for Christmas is a new blender. This one looks like a great one from Cuisinart.

One of my favorite things is that any orders over $100 qualifies for free shipping! 

Oh, and a great site you should check out is Fat Chance. 1out 10 orders is completely free! Pretty awesome! 

So if you are wondering about some of our sites, here are a few!

Musket Creek
All Around Dance
Scrub Shopper
Trail's Edge
Country Outfitter
The Baby Habit

Definitely check them out!


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