Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We are all moved in!tooot

So, we are here in  our new house. I love the fact that we are basically in  the same house too. Although, I have noticed that some rooms are larger here as well as some that are smaller. Kinda odd... lol.

I am now in the unpacking process. Ugh. When you are given a 2-day notice to pack and move things kind of go in the "just throw it in a box and go" attitude. Needless to say, tonight it took me 15 minutes for me to find my pot to cook my chili in. I haven't even attempted to hang stuff on the walls yet. It will all come together soon.

Robert started his new cycle today. It was so funny but yesterday he wanted to call me just to tell me that he was leaving work and would see me in a few minutes! I think someone is loving the short drive!

Tomorrow, the boys and I are driving back to the old neighborhood so Thompson can play with his friends and then Meridith and I are taking the kids to Chick-fil-A to play BINGO! I am SOOOO excitedThat's abouut all that has been going on here. I just need to call and hook up my internet since my computer is fixed!! Yay!

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