Monday, January 31, 2011

Just another Manic Monday!

We have been going non-stop today! I got the boys up and around had to go down to pick up our elliptical at the Sears about 40 minutes away. We dropped off the truck to go ahead and have it serviced while we there. So the boys and I walked around the mall to browse. I have been wanting to go to the H&M store since I found out they carry childrens clothes. I found the store and picked up a cute tshirt for Thompson. We then picked up the truck and elliptical and headed to Target. I was wanting to look at their patio furniture to see if they had any I liked. I wasn't crazy about any of them, so I just grabbed the boys their Valentine's Day shirts and left.

I had to make a 4:00pm dentist appointment so we were having to hurry! I got there on time and went on back. The boys were able to stay up front and play, which was nice. They were having to re-do a filling that I had done about 4 years ago. So they got me all numbed up and went to work. Little did I know what was going on right outside... a bank robbery! Literally, next door! The police came asking if anyone saw anyone suspicious and so on. Apparently they are still on the loose because cops were everywhere! 3 hours later and my mouth is still as numb as ever. Nice. Thankfully, we have our new "redneck Sonic" on base so I can go grab me a chocolate milk shake for dinner!

The boys are ROWDY!! Brycen has learned to climb onto the couch and now does it approximately 4,352 times a day. And then he jumps on the couch, which scares me to death.

We are just waiting on Robert to get home so he can watch the kids while I run away for a bit to find my sanity. Hope everyone's Monday has treated them well. I know all of my family and friends back in Arkansas are gearing up for a HUGE snow/ice storm! Crazy!! So glad I am not there experiencing that. I do remember all of the fun memories I had when I would have my girlfriends over so we all would get snowed in together! Fun, fun! Hope y'all all stay safe!!


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  1. GURL....look at you gettin an eliptical! How AWESOME! I'm hoping to get a joggin stroller so me and lil man can work of this baby weight! :) MISS you and wish I was after I have him we could work out together---or just sit on the couch watch crappy tv and gossip :)