Thursday, January 27, 2011

"There is an epidemic of disconnection"

I was watching today's episode of Oprah and the whole thing has just left me numb.

Today, her show focused on everyday military families and their struggle with dealing with the war. She focused on a couple military families, one who the husband was severly injured and another mother who lost her son in Iraq, and now what they deal with day-to-day. Michelle Obama, Tom Brokaw, and Bob Woodward were also guests.

Bob Woodward has recently said that "there is an epidemic of disconnection" between Americans and the war. Men and women are killed almost daily fighting for our country and there are so many who are just quick to forget the situation.

We, as Americans, need to WAKE UP!!!

I will be completely honest. When this war started, I was a teenager who really didn't fully understand what the whole war meant. I would watch music videos featuring military families saying goodbye to their families as they would head to war and I always thought it was just so sad. I never fully understood until I became one of those families. It is hard to understand unless you are in this position. But think about it... we have teens fighting for our country. There are moms and dads leaving their families not knowing if they will ever be back. We should be able to come into together and just be a support for those families. Not understanding should not be an excuse.

We have been in the position where many times people have come up and thanked Robert for his service. I am so proud of that. I am proud that people recognize his service and commitment. But my husband does not serve for recognition. He serves because that is what he felt he could do to make a difference in his life and for his country. But another topic that was brought up is how it is easy to spot those men and women who are wearing their uniform, but what about those who have no uniform to wear? The spouses who have lost their loved one, children who have a lost a parent, parents who have lost their child, and those who wait at home while their spouse trains and fights for our freedom-- are all those who wear an invisible uniform. was a website listed that lists different ways to give back. We need to find out about those families in our area and reach out to them. Something so simple can make a HUGE difference. Just put forth a little effort and I know this can be successful!

There are so many ways to find out who serves in your community. Next week at church ask if there are any members who serve. Teachers, do you know if any of your students have family who serve? It could be as easy as making a card letting them know you are thinking about them, asking if they need help around their house, seeing if they need a spare moment of breathing room by themselves. Just giving a few minutes of your time is all that is needed.

There is so much that I know I could do. There is so much that I want to do.

Please, let's not forget the faces of this war. Let's not forget those who have given so much for our freedom. This country needs this more now than ever.


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