Sunday, January 30, 2011

Relaxing Weekend!

Just what I needed...

I swear it is taking me forever to recover from the fast and furious move! I am starting to get some energy back. Thank goodness, because this house needs decorated!

Last night to celebrate 6 years together, Robert and I took the boys to back down to Oceanside. We had a few errands to run and thought we would do a nice dinner too. Well, I decided to buy an elliptical machine last night at Sears and it took for-ev-er! By the time we left there, the mall was closed and we were so tired. We had been out and about since 3 and we still hadn't ate dinner. Robert asked if we could just grab something light and do a nice, big dinner next weekend. I happily obliged. :) So I chose my new favorite place, Jersey Mike's. It is sooooo good! Afterwards, we headed home. Our neighbors were getting together to celebrate a birthday so Robert and I went out to visit for a bit. It was nice. Everyone got along well and moving to a neighborhood, I am always skeptical.

Today, Thompson wanted donuts (again!) so I took him the donut shop and then we met up with one of our neighbors for a quick trip to Lowe's and then on to McDonald's to let the kids play. They have a little girl who is Thompson's age and a little boy who is 9 months old. It was cute because Hailey, the little girl, kept calling Thompson, Thomason. As we were leaving it started to rain. So we came home and I laid the boys down for a nap.

Tonight, I made beef stroganauf for dinner. So far it tastes really good. I used beef top round and it is just still so tough. I am going to keep cooking it for a bit and hopefully it will tender.

That's about it! Hopefully going to relax and watch some of my shows tonight!! Perfect!


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