Friday, August 5, 2011


Yesterday, we got some pretty disappointing news. A few weeks ago, Robert hurt his knee while doing a night land navigation with his students. He had it checked out and they thought he might have tore some stuff in it. He had a MRI done on Wednesday and sure enough he has torn his ACL along with some other stuff. (He had actually already had surgery on his other knee when he was in high school.) They have put him in rehab for the next 6 weeks then they are going to do surgery. He is one to blow off how bad things are or how bad he is feeling. And it upsets me that I am not there to take care of him. He has assured me that there is nothing I can do (which is true) but my motherly instinct kicks in and I feel useless.

I am also bummed that he was supposed to be coming home next month and of course this will now hinder that.

So why am I thankful?

I am thankful that my husband is well, for the most part. He is here and I alive. For that I am thankful. I am thankful that we have insurance and the thought of "how are we going to pay for all of these medical bills" has never even crossed my mind. I am thankful that I have a strong husband who would rather pretend he is just fine to make sure that I don't worry about him more than I have to.

Life isn't what we always plan it to be. In fact, it never works out just as we think it should. But the fact of knowing that if this is the biggest hurdle we have to jump right now, is just fine with me.


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