Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We have had quite a few firsts around here lately!

Thompson started preschool last week! He loves it!! We have been putting him in bed by 8 every night so that way he is able to wake up in a semi-decent mood the next morning. We have a few times where he is tired and decides he doesn't want to go, but eventually comes around and is excited to see his friends! We are lucky to have his close friends go to school with him!

Here is the big boy on his first day!

With his new backpack!

The boys also went to their first fair! They had a blast! Thompson got to ride rides with his friend, Kalli! They are two peas in a pod! So sweet together!!

Brycen enjoyed the food! ;)

Another first that is driving me crazy is that Brycen now prefers to be a nudist! I have walked into his room 3 times this week to a naked boy! How he can get all of his clothes off plus a diaper gets me. I also introduced him to the potty seat today. He keeps asking to potty and telling me he does. I didn't potty train Thompson til he was about 2 1/2 years old. He was ready then. He comprehended it. So it's hard for me to think Brycen could even be remotely ready. We'll see. I am definitely not pushing anything. I honestly don't know if I am ready for my baby to be that grown up.


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  1. oh my word cute pics!!!
    that backpack is massive!!! but awesome (go hogs!)