Thursday, August 11, 2011

Preschool Fun!

If you know Thompson, you know that he has begged to go to school. He sees his big cousins going to school and preschool and hasn't understood why he isn't getting to go.

Well luckily, we were able to get him into preschool this fall! He has been so excited since I told him and asks 1000x a day when he can go.

I am excited because he is going to a great preschool here in town; I actually went to the same one when I was his age. He is going to be going full time and I know that he will be benefit from the socialization and educational skills. I have to stress that he is a good kid. He is well-behaved and very polite. He just has a BIG problem with sitting still. It literally kills him to sit still for 5 seconds. When I am disciplining or explaining something to him and absolutely cannot sit and listen to me. He has to be moving his head, moving his arms, rolling his eyes around, making facial expressions, or jumping around. I know... he is 3. I think being in a school setting will help this. He will hopefully see the other kids acting right and hopefully will follow along. I know he is a smart kid. He will catch on, I believe, with no problems.

So we are super excited around here this week! I can't wait to share pictures of his first day!

{Last night he was calling himself Mustache Man and proceeded to ask everyone in Wal-Mart if they liked his 'stache! Oh, this boy cracks me up!}


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